Mercedes Sibbald - Vocals

Mercedes joins Wyblack early in 2010 as lead vocalist, introducing a dramatic change and step forward with her unique blend of lyrical and metal styles. As a child singer, she performed in Buenos Aires world-class theater Teatro Colon, an inspiration to develop her career in classical music, jazz and blues, and to start formal training becoming a graduate of the Conservatorio Nacional Carlos López Buchardo.
Mercedes participated in several Broadway-style shows and performances as an actress and singer. Her influences are Aerosmith, Van Halen, Journey, Queen, Yes, Rush, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, along with her favorite classical composers Mozart, Vivaldi, Puccini and Beethoven. Female singers Ella Fiztgerald, Whitney Houston and Tina Turner also influenced Mercedes's vocal style with their outstanding mix of talent and stage personality.

Marcelo Scarano - Guitars

Marcelo simply loves guitars, tube amps and heavy rock. Both a creative force and a tone seeker, he is always experimenting with amps, pedals, effects and stuff, in his never ending quest for the perfect guitar tone. His influences are Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, AC DC, and Megadeth. You will most likely find Marcelo at his home studio night after night, trying out new riffs, different amps/settings, cab speakers and recording techniques to achieve the (unachievable) perfect Wyback´s song. "A great song begins with a great riff", states Marcelo, whose approach to the creative process is relaxed and emotionally-driven. "When it gives the chills you know you´re on the right path", he concludes, emphasizing the importance of getting the right balance of emotional impact, hook and power. "A rock musician has to be able to go out and play, and play loud...otherwise you may turn yourself into a laboratory musician, missing the whole point".

José Llauró - Drums

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Mariano Delfino - Keyboards

Mariano Delfino is Wyblack´s amazing keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist. Before joining the band, Mariano teamed up with renowned vocal and instrumental ensembles as a piano player in the classical music scene. He started playing piano at age 8 as a self-taught musician; at age 15 he won his first piano competition, deciding to start his formal training at Conservatorio Nacional Carlos López Buchardo in Buenos Aires from which he would become a graduate. He is currently studying Vocal Chorus Direction in IUNA and musical production and recording in UCA.

José Padín - Bass

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